Yoko Shimamura (島村 葉子) is 1st year at Takezono High School. She was the 50th girl who rejected Sakuragi Hanamichi during middle school. She had a crush on Oda Tatsumasa and end up dating him. She is seen looking at that Takezono practice, she is starteld to see Oda slipped due to some sweat on the floor. During the practice break, she is looking for Oda and spotted the latter in pain. Oda confesses to her that he got injure during the last match. Yoko presses him to go see a doctor but Oda reassure her saying that he will go see a doctor after his match against Kainan. Oda asks Yoko to not tell anyone about the situation. She grows some concern about Oda's aptitude to play during his coming match. She later meets Hanamichi and his goons and congratulates him for his victory against Shoyo. Hanamichi ask Yoko to pass a message to Oda saying that if he wants to beat him, he must enter the semifinals. Sakuragi's words trigger Yoko but faithful to her words for not telling anything, she ran away. Hanamichi suspecting that something is wrong with Yoko decided to go Takezono Highschool to clear up the situaton.

 In the English dub of the anime, she is voiced by Caitriona Murphy who also voices Ayako.

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