Yayoi Aida
Yayoi Aida
Japanese 相田 弥生
Romanized Aida Yayoi
Gender Female Female
Status Alive
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Blue
Professional Status
Affiliation Ryonan High School
Occupation Weekly Basketball Magazine Reporter
Personal Status
Relatives Hikoichi Aida (younger brother)
First Appearance
Japanese Voice Yuko Nagashima
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Yayoi Aida (相田 弥生 Aida Yayoi) is Hikoichi Aida's older sister, who works as a reporter for a weekly basketball magazine. Even though her brother plays for Ryonan, she is mostly designated to cover Shohoku matches, in which she is always impressesed about Shohoku players' performances, as they mostly play stronger opponents like Kainan or Sannoh. She is almost always accompanied by a bubbly trainee called Nakamura (中村), who does the driving when they need to go from gym to gym even though he drives slowly, as he had just gotten his driving license. She also has a crush on Ryonan ace Sendoh.

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