1. REDIRECT Template:Team Infobox"Two Heroes" is the 118th chapter of the Slam Dunk manga.


Maki swears to do his best to defeat Akagi and Miyagi, who is getting tired because of the difference in height and skill between him and Maki. Miyagi wonders if Maki is showing his true strength right now, as Maki drives toward him. Miyagi tries to block him, but Maki easily gets around Miyagi and prepares to shoot. However, Akagi blocks his shot, but Maki manages to shoot and score anyways, also managing to make Akagi foul. Kogure is in shock that Maki was fast and powerful enough to overcome both Miyagi and Akagi, while Maki scores another point on a free throw, putting Kainan back in the lead.

Akagi tells his teammates to hurry and counterattack, while Coach Anzai prepares to send Kogure in if necessary. Rukawa then gains possession of the ball, but is blocked by Kiyota. However, Rukawa passes the ball to Akagi, and Akagi scores, putting Shohoku back in the lead. Akagi regains some of his mojo, while, Maki increases the competition even more.