Toru Hanagata
Gender Male Male
Height 197 cm
Weight 83 kg
Hair Color Black
Professional Status
Occupation Basketball Player
Team Shoyo2
Year 3rd year
Position Center
Jersey Number #5
Personal Status
First Appearance
Japanese Voice Nobuhiko Kazama
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Toru Hanagata (花形透 Hanagata Tōruis considered one of the top centers in the Kanagawa prefecture. He mixes strength and tactical skill in his playing, being able to easily avoid defensive play.  

Hanagata held his own against Akagi Takenori but paid off for underestimating Sakuragi, as he was totally outclassed in rebounding. Hanagata also missed a desperate 3-point attempt against Shohoku, marking the final score, 62-60. 


He takes the role of leader, being responsible for carrying the team while Fujima is not on the court. He is also a calm type.


He is a technical Center, a low post scorer, known for his fade away shot which is difficult to block. He is also a strong rebounder and gave Akagi a hard time under the basket. He also knows how to use his teammates effectively.


  • Hanagata is the only regular in the series to wear glasses on court.