1. REDIRECT Template:Team Infobox"The Need to Climb Steep Cliffs" is the 132nd chapter of the Slam Dunk manga.


The game between Kainan and Shohoku ends with Kainan winning 90-88. This gives Shohoku its first loss in the round-robin tournament. The next day, Miyagi, Mitsui, and Rukawa all sleep during class, and Sakuragi does not show up at all. In the afternoon, Yasuda and Shiozaki bumble in the gym depressed, but Ayako tells them to get their spirits up. She shows them the plan for the rest of the tournament, and states that next weekend they will play Takezato, and Ryonan and Kainan, the two winning teams, will square off. The weekend after that, they will play Ryonan and Kainan will play Takezato. Mitsui and Kogure then come in the gym, but Ayako yells at them too and Mitsui states that they can't be depressed any more. Mitsui tells the team that since two teams from Kanegawa can enter the nationals, if they win their next two games, they will have a good chance of making it. The team swears to win, and Ayako unveils a banner which says "We will climb up steep cliffs" and says that they absolutely mustn't lose their next games. Akagi then comes in on a crutch, revealing that he sprained his ankle, but that it will be better by the time they play Takezato. 

The team begins to wonder where Sakuragi is, and Sakuragi is shown to be outside watching a pickup basketball game, thinking about his mistake. Suddenly, Haruko comes up behind Sakuragi and Sakuragi runs away. Haruko tries to catch up to him, but trips and falls. Sakuragi comes back to Haruko, while the team playing the pickup game wonders about a person who is sitting on the court. Haruko consoles Sakuragi, telling him even geniuses make mistakes. Meanwhile, the boy sitting on the court gets up and asks to borrow the ball, wondering if the person on the other side of the fence was Sakuragi.    


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