1. REDIRECT Template:Team Infobox"The Best" is the 119th chapter of the Slam Dunk manga.


Maki manages to get around Miyagi again due to Miyagi's size, much to Miyagi's chagrin. Maki prepares to shoot, and is blocked by Akagi and Sakuragi, but still manages to get the ball in the basket and get penalty shots. Akagi and Sakuragi look at Maki in shock and admiration, as Maki completes his free throws. As the game continues, Miyagi throws a bad pass, which Maki intercepts, and Akagi and Ayako see that Miyagi, Rukawa, and Mitsui are all fatigued. Maki manages to score, putting Kainan four points ahead. Mitsui and Miyagi then start double-teaming Maki, but Maki still breaks through their defense. When he goes to shoot, Sakuragi and Rukawa block him, but instead of shooting, Maki passes to Jin, who scores a 3-pointer.   

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