1. REDIRECT Template:Team Infobox"Survival Game" is the 138th chapter of the Slam Dunk manga.


Sakuragi keeps on practicing shooting outside and eventually collapses from exhaustion. Meanwhile, the Shohoku vs. Takezato game is about to start, and Aida says that since both teams are 0-1, whoever loses will be disqualified to get to nationals. Takezato's coach knows this too, and tells his team to try their best and defeat Shohoku. Shohoku comes onto the court, and the crowd wonders where Sakuragi is. Akagi starts to get very angry about Sakuragi's absence as the game gets started. Meanwhile, Sakuragi wakes up when he is hit in the head with a croquet ball, and when he notices the time on the clock, Sakuragi is shocked. Meanwhile, Shohoku leads in the game against Takezato, and Rukawa dunks, to Takezato's coach's anger and shock. As Sakuragi rushes to the game, Akagi is pulled out to let his ankle heal fully for the game against Ryonan.

Despite Akagi's absence, Shohoku still dominates and Takezato wonders how they got to be this good. With the score 98 to 66, the crowd knows Takezato will lose, and Hikoichi worries about Sakuragi. At that moment Sakuragi enters the gym, shocking the crowd with his shaved head. Akagi angrily punches Sakuragi for being late and forgetting the training's purpose, but Sakuragi tells him that he was practicing another 200 shots this morning, surprising the team. Akagi still refuses to let Sakuragi play because he doesn't want Ryonan to see his training results. Sakuragi then notices Fukuda with the Ryonan players and recognizes him. The game then ends, with Shohoku winning 120-81. Shohoku is overjoyed while Takezato is depressed knowing they're practically eliminated. Aida says that the next match, Ryonan vs. Kainan, will determine who is the champion, as the two teams head to the court.

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