1. REDIRECT Template:Team Infobox"Special Plan" is the 140th chapter of the Slam Dunk manga.


Akagi tells his team to watch Ryonan closely and to also notice Kainan's moves. The Ryonan-Kainan match officialy starts, and Kiyota is shocked at how big Uozumi is. Uozumi declares to Maki that today Kainan will give up their title, though Maki says otherwise. Uozumi knows he can't beat Kainan but that Sendoh can, as the tipoff begins with the crowd cheering for both teams. Uozumi wins the tipoff and Koshino gets the ball, and he quickly passes it to Sendoh. The crowd is surprised to see that Sendoh is playing as point guard, and Maki is excited about facing him. Coach Takato wonders about Coach Taoka's plan, but is confident that his team will win, and that Taoka's plan was part of an illusion. Maki swats the ball away and Sendoh gets it back, as Miyagi and Takato realize that Ryonan's plan was to put Sendoh in an unfamiliar postion and thus divert the crowd's attetion to Maki, making them forget about Sendoh's true skills. Sendoh passes to Uozumi, but the ball goes over his head. However, Fukuda gets the ball and dunks it, shocking everyone. Akagi tells Sakuragi to watch out for Fukuda, as Sendoh faces Maki alone. Taoka believes that Sendoh can surpass Maki, as Maki thinks the game will get interesting with Sendoh guarding him. 

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