1. REDIRECT Template:Team Infobox"So Sticky" is the 57th chapter of the Slam dunk manga.


Hanamichi is outraged at Mitsui's action, and Rukawa throws a basketball at Mitsui, but Mitsui dodges and the ball hits Nori instead. Meanwhile, the two thugs try to hit Mito with a shovel, but are knocked out by Noma, Takamiya, and Ohkusu. meanwhile, Mitsui sends Ryu after Rukawa while he attacks Miyagi, warning him that if he or Rukawa retaliated, it would mean suspension for the basketball team. Tetsuo then comes out with a mop for Mitsui to take out Miyagi's teeth with. However, Sakuragi and Rukawa step in, breaking the mop and saying that nobody is going to rat them out.