1. REDIRECT Template:Team Infobox"Silk" is the 120th chapter of the Slam Dunk manga.


Shortly after his recent shot, Jin scores another three-pointer, solidifying Kainan's lead. His teammates congratulate him while Shohoku's team wonders how they can remain so calm. Mitsui then prepares to make a shot, but misses, to the shock of his teammates. Meanwhile, Coach Takato remembers the day Jin first started playing. At first, he was skeptical of Jin's abilities because of Jin's small frame, and Jin eventually showed that he was unskilled at running and jumping. However, one day Takato entered the gym, where he saw Jin practice shooting. Takato was amazed by Jin's beautiful shooting form, knowing now that it took practice to become the best shooter, and Mitsui didn't have that practice. Takato reveals that Jin practices by doing 500 shots per day, as Jin scores again and the crowd praises the unstoppable duo of Maki and Jin.

The game then heads into its last ten minutes as Maki tells his teammates not to let up, and Takato knows that Kainan is as skilled as it is because none of their players regard themselves as great. Anzai then calls a time out, as expected by everyone. Coach Taoka comments that all of Shohku's players are tired out, but Sendoh notices that Sakuragi is still upbeat, as Sakuragi listens alertly to Anzai's plan.  

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