The Miuradai Team

Miuradai is the first team Shohoku faces off against in the regional tournament. Sakuragi, Rukawa, Miyagi, and Mitsui have all been punished by Coach Anzai for fighting, and are not allowed to play. Akagi is, therefore, the only member of the formal starting line-up to play the game.

Initially, the game seems to go Miuradai's way, because Akagi appears to be a one-man team like he is every year. Apart from a few impressive attempts by Akagi to salvage their game, and an impressive combination shot he did with Kogure, nothing special came out of Shohoku's play.

Eventually, when, unable to see their team lose so badly, Sakuragi and the others apologize to Coach Anzai, and promise never to fight again, they are allowed to go out on court. Koshino Hiroaki of Ryonan, who is on the stands with the rest of the team, recognizes Miyagi as the "ace guard", while Uozumi wonders where he had seen Mitsui before.

With the arrival of Sakuragi and the others into the game, the game starts going completely Shohoku's way, surprising and baffling Miuradai, who resort to cheap tactics such as fouling when the coach isn't looking. Eventually, Miuradai decides to send out its secret weapon, a giant named Naito, who was recruited from the rugby club for his impressive physique and athleticism.

Naito overpowers Akagi during the jump ball, a fact that occasions the Shohoku team great concern, because Akagi is their most powerful player. Naito plays aggressively, shooting inexorably toward the opponents' basket whenever his teammates pass him the ball. As a result, Miuradai briefly gains the upper hand in the game.

But soon Rukawa manages to uncover Naito's chief weakness, as Sendoh remarks: The fact that Naito can only run in a straight line toward the basket, knocking down those in front. He is vulnerable from the sides. Because of this, Shohoku manages to get back on track, baffling Miuradai once more.

Meanwhile, Sakuragi has already made four fouls in the game, most of which he was tricked into committing by his opponents. He commits his fifth and final foul while attempting to do a slam dunk. The ball hits the ring and slips off, crashing down on Naito's head when he was attempting to block Sakuragi. Sakuragi is dismissed, and Naito injured too badly to continue playing.

Sakuragi walks off amid raucous laughter. Shohoku wins the game by a large margin.