Prefecture Kanagawa
Team Captain Takenori Akagi
Vice-Captain Kiminobu Kogure
Coach Mitsuyoshi Anzai
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Shohoku High School is an urban public high school located in Kanagawa Prefecture. This basketball team is the focus of Slam Dunk.


Their team is likely to be based on the Chicago Bulls, because of the team colors red and black and the similarities of the logos.


Shohoku for 2 years has been considered of no consequence at the Prefectural level and largely a one-man team because of the presence of team captain Takenori Akagi. It is not until Akagi's 3rd year that things begin to turn around for Shohoku with the return of the short but quick and fast Point Guard Ryota Miyagi, the 3-pt shooter and former Junior High MVP, Hisashi Mitsui; the addition of freshmen, Kaede Rukawa the "Super Rookie" and a total beginner in basketball, Hanamichi Sakuragi. Together, Shohoku rose to distinction and proved that they are a team to be reckoned with. They are the only non-seeded team to make it to the final 4 of the Kanagawa Interhigh Tournament, eliminating Shoyo, which is considered as the 2nd strongest team in Kanagawa. Their sole loss was against eventual champion Kainan but still gained access to the Nationals, finishing as the 2nd place representative for Kanagawa after defeating Takezato and Ryonan. They are ranked as a C class team and was placed into a tough tournament bracket during the Nationals Tournament.

They faced Toyotama of Osaka at 1st round and was victorious. On the 2nd round, they faced the reigning champion, Sannoh, which puts Shohoku and each one of them into the biggest challenge of their basketball lives. Against all odds, they still emerged victorious. However, with the absence of Sakuragi and the hard-fought match taking everything what Shohoku have, the team could not display their 100% and lost terribly to Aiwa Gakuin in the 3rd round. Akagi and Kogure retired to take exams for college; Miyagi took over as the new captain and Mitsui remained for the Winter Tournament; Rukawa went into All-Japan Junior Camp while Sakuragi continues to recover from his Back injury. Haruko was introduced as the 2nd manager of the team.

Offense and Defense

Akagi is the main scorer and defender under the basket. Mitsui is the 3-pointer. Rukawa is the team's ace player and can score in all areas. Miyagi is the one responsible for carrying the ball and making plays. If there is an opportunity, he will drive through the basket using his speed and quickness against taller defenders. The team has many chances to score because of Sakuragi's offensive rebounds, which is one of the major factors in their victories. Later on, Sakuragi has learned to shoot which became a big plus for the team. Everyone can defend well, except for Sakuragi who still hasn't learned defense. Despite his weak defense, his athleticism makes up for it.


The team has a very weak bench, with Kogure as the only reliable player to be subbed in. Because of this, everything has to be relied on the starters completely. In their game against Ryonan it's also seen that the Shohoku players get a lot of fouls, which is a trouble because of their weak bench. Shohoku doesn't have training as tough as Kainan's and Ryonan's. You can see that those players are often fitter than the Shohoku players. Rukawa can't outplay a whole match if he plays his explosive scoring style for 40 minutes hence why in the Shohoku Vs Ryonan game he decided to stay quiet for the whole first half as he blamed himself for the Shohoku loss to Kainan due to him not finishing the game .Mitsui is weak in terms of stamina thanks to his two years of absence.



{Team Stats

|offence =10/10

|defence =10/10

|bench strenght =8/10

|height =9/10

|team work =10/10 }

Basketball Team

SakuragiT MitsuiT AkagiT RyotaT RukawaT
#10 Power Forward
Hanamichi Sakuragi
#14 Shooting Guard
Hisashi Mitsui
#4 Center
Takenori Akagi
#7 Point Guard
Ryota Miyagi
#11 Small Forward
Kaede Rukawa
KogureT YasudaT TetsushiT KakutaT IishiT
#5 Small Forward
Kiminobu Kogure
#6 Point Guard
Yasuharu Yasuda
#8 Power Forward
Tetsushi Shiozaki
#9 Center
Satoru Kakuta
Kentaro Iishi
SasaokaT KuwataT AnzaiT AyakoT HarukoT
Satoro Sasaoka
#15 Point Guard
Toki Kuwata
Mitsuyoshi Anzai
2nd Manager
Haruko Akagi