1. REDIRECT Template:Team Infobox"Sendoh's Scenario" is the 147th chapter of the Slam Dunk manga.


Maki catches up to Sendoh, causing Takato to smirk and Taoka to worry. However, as Maki jumps to block Sendoh, he realizes what Sendoh's plan is, and withdraws as Sendoh scores. The game ends with a tie score of 79-79, and the teams take a two-minute break before overtime begins. Ryonan congratulates Sendoh, but Aida begins to wonder why Maki withdrew instead of blocking, and wonders if it was on purpose. Despite his game-saving dunk, however, Sendoh gets frustrated as Fujima comes into the gym. Fujima is awed at Sendoh for letting Maki catch up with him when Ryonan was losing, and he and Maki then realize that Sendoh had been attempting to make Maki foul while he scored, giving him a free throw and the chance for Ryonan to win. Maki now believes that Sendoh is at the same level as him, and Fujima has no idea who is going to win now. Overtime then begins, with both Ryonan and Kainan determined not to lose. Fujima knows that Sendoh really wanted to end the game soon, as 5 minutes later the game ends, with Kainan claiming victory 89-83. While Kainan celebrates and Ryonan mourns, Maki warns Sendoh about Shohoku. With their second win, Kainan is now guaranteed a spot at nationals, while Shohoku and Ryonan, who both have 1 win and 1 loss, will play to determine who gets the second chair.

Meanwhile, Akagi, Kogure, and Ayako race down the corridor of Kitamura Hospital, where they find Sakuragi with tears in his eyes.   

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