1. REDIRECT Template:Team Infobox"Ryonan's Challenge" is the 139th chapter of the Slam Dunk manga.


The crowd loudly cheers for both Ryonan and Kainan as they head onto the court. Uozumi does a dunk as practice, and the crowd is astounded by his height. However, Nakamura points out that despite Kainan's lack of height, they still had amazing strength. As the pre-game practice wraps up, Kiyota bounces the ball and jumps up to dunk it from midair. However, the ball goes in before Kiyota touches it, shocking him and amusing Sakuragi. Fukuda then takes his turn and successfully dunks, shocking Kiyota and the crowd. The practice ends and the two teams huddle up, with Shohoku still thinking about Fukuda. Coach Taoka and Coach Takato shake hands in a familiar rivalistic way, and Taoka reveals to his team that he and Takato played on the same team, and he was known as "Kanagawa's Taoka" while Takato, a year younger than him, was known as the "Rookie from Hell". Taoka compares himself to have been like Sendoh while Takato was like Rukawa, but the Ryonan players refuse to believe him.

Afterwards, Taoka has Ryonan sit in a circle and meditate on their past practices. Taoka is confident that he is the strictest coach in Kanagawa and that he has the most practices. Because of this, he is confident Ryonan can win and dethrone Kainan. Meanwhile, Jin tells his team about Fukuda, saying that he started playing in his second year of junior high and that he soon became a beast, though Jin doesn't know what happened to him in high school.

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