1. REDIRECT Template:Team Infobox"Responsibility Problem" is the 133rd chapter of the Slam Dunk manga.


The boy has the basketball players tell Sakuragi to come to him, but Sakuragi tells the boy to come over himself. The boy tries to fight it, but gives up when he sees that Sakuragi is not moving. However, Sakuragi disappears at that moment, and the boy is disappointed, wanting to talk to Sakuragi who he says that Sendoh underestimated. The other boys are shocked at his mentioning of Sendoh, and the boy dunks the basketball, impressing the boys, who reveal his name to be Fukuda. Fukuda continues to think about Sakuragi.

Back at the gym, Ayako yells at the team to practice harder, and Haruko comes to the gym and realizes Sakuragi is still not there. Meanwhile, Sakuragi sits down in the dark locker room, remembering his failure and how, despite Haruko's consolation, he couldn't forgive himself because he ruined Akagi's dream. Just then, Rukawa steps in the locker room to dry off. As Rukawa leaves, Sakuragi stops him and asks him if he blamed him for their loss. Rukawa calls Sakuragi an "arrogant fool", and tells him that he showed skills that are several times better than regular players but that his mistake was expected from the beginning, and it didn't affect their score. An angry Sakuragi is about to punch Rukawa, but stops, knowing that fists wouldn't solve anything at this point. Rukawa slaps Sakuragi back and the two begin to fight. At her house, Haruko wonders if Sakuragi will show up tomorrow. Back at the gym, Rukawa tells Sakuragi that it was his fault that they lost because he couldn't sustain enough energy until the end. Sakuragi then calls him arrogant and the two start fighting again.

The next day, Miyagi and Mitsui walk to the gym, saying that Sakuragi was still not in class. However, they get a shock when they see Sakuragi with a shaved head mopping the floor. Miyagi and Mitsui start to laugh, and Sakuragi says that he was the reason they lost. Haruko tells Sakuragi that he looks cute, to Sakuragi's delight.


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