1. REDIRECT Template:Team Infobox"Point Guard" is the 141st chapter of the Slam Dunk manga.


Nakamura asks Aida what a point guard does, as Aida sees Sendoh in that position. Aida tells Nakamura that point guards structure the game, and though they are usually played by shorter people, taller people like Sendoh can play it just as well. Meanwhile, Kainan does their best to defend Ryonan, but Fukuda breaks free of Muto and Sendoh passes him the ball. With that pass, Ryonan begins to win the crowd over as they get a 16-8 lead over Kainan. Sendoh repeatedly makes good passes and Uekusa, Koshino, and Uozumi all score on them. The crowd is shocked to see Ryonan doing this well as Coach Takato calls a time-out. Aida comments that Taoka seems able to see everything, and that maybe Sendoh is the best person to play point guard.

Takato tells his team to live up to their titles by consistently pressing forward, and that the side with the most will shall win the game. Akagi and Miyagi notice that Maki is not saying a word, which means that Kainan is upping their game. Maki dribbles the ball and Sendoh steps up to block him, as the crowd begins to get skeptical of Kainan's tactics. Suddenly, Maki drives past Sendoh, and Uozumi and Koshino try to block him, but Maki passes to Kiyota. However, Kiyota's shot is batted away by Sendoh, shocking even Maki. Mitsui wonders how Akagi and the team only lost to Ryonan by one point, and Akagi begins to wonder too.

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