1. REDIRECT Template:Team Infobox"Old Man" is the 148th chapter of the Slam Dunk manga.


Akagi, Ayako, and Kogure are shocked to see Sakuragi, as Sakuragi runs away. The three of them come into the room. Because Sakuragi ran away, Akagi begins to fear the worst for Anzai, until Anzai mumbles and turns his head, revealing that he's just sleeping. The three of them talk with Anzai's wife, who tells them that Anzai will be fine, although he can't go to the match tomorrow. Akagi, Kogure, and Ayako introduce themselves, and Anzai's wife says she's seen them before at matches. She reveals she never went to Anzai's college matches but now sometimes attends because he seemed so happy about coaching Shohoku. Anzai's wife then reveals that Anzai was in the gym watching Sakuragi practice when he collapsed, and Sakuragi calmly called the hospital and her. Akagi, Kogure, and Ayako are shocked that Sakuragi could actually be composed, as Sakuragi recalls an event that happened a few years ago. Back in junior high, he beat up four guys teaming up on him, humiliating them. However, when Sakuragi entered his house, he saw his dad collapsed on the ground. Sakuragi raced to the hospital, but ran into the same gang, this time with eight people. Sakuragi desperately tried to get through them, but they just laughed and beat him up as his dad kept laying on the floor. Meanwhile, Akagi, Kogure, and Ayako leave the hospital, where the rest of the team is waiting. While they ask about Anzai, they tell Akagi about Kainan's victory, and Akagi is glad that they just need to beat Ryonan to get the second chair. Anzai's wife looks out the window, confident that the team can win even without Anzai.

Later, Sakuragi and Mitsui continue to practice shooting and defense in the gym, while Miyagi does the passing and Rukawa criticizes from the sidelines. Sakuragi knows that the game against Ryonan could be the seniors' last and wants to practice hard, though Mitsui tells a stunned Miyagi that he's staying at Shohoku. 

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