Tatsumasa Oda (小田 竜政) is the center of Takezono Basketball Team. He is a 1st year in highschool. He's 185 cm and weight 76 kg. He used to go to the same middle school as Sakuragi Hanamichi.


Oda has short dark drown hair with fringes in each sides and brown eyes.

In his initial appearance in the anime, he wears a casual outfit while he is having fun with his girlfriend Yoko Shimamura at the beach.

During Basketball training and also injuring his right ankle, Oda wears a teal short sleeve shirt tucked into his white basketball shorts and black sneakers and white socks.

During flashbacks and the end of the first movie, Oda wears a standard Takezono winter school uniform; a red formal suit jacket with a white long sleeve button shirt with light purple tie on the collar, khaki school pants and brown dress shoes. His summer school uniform is also seen after they lost to Kainan wearing a white short sleeve button shirt with a single left pocket and a light purple tie on the collar and his khaki school pants and brown shoes from his winter school uniform.

His overall jersey uniform is cyan and blue with white trim.


He is mentionned the first time when Hanamichi got rejected in middle school by the 50th girl Yoko Shimamura who had a crush on Oda. He is later seen during a practice game which pits his high school agaisnt Shohoku. He considers Hanamichi not serious enough to play basketball. After being defeated at the practice game, he is impressed by Hanamichi performance and recognize his potential. It gives Oda the strength to give the best of himself.

During Kanagawa finals, he got injured his right ankle during the practice before his match against Kainan. Determined to beat Kainan and have an another opportunity to face Hanamichi, he still decided to play the match much to his girlfriend's concern Yoko. After his team is defeated against Kainan, he reveals to Yoko about his actions and their dreams and he apologizes his girlfriend to make her worry. However, Hanamichi also ended their rivalry and tells him to get over his injury as Yoko tells him and his gang that he and Oda will support them much to his disappointment. Oda is last seen with Yoko and his teammates watching the battle between Shohoku and Ryonan. He is voiced by Hideo Ishikawa who also voices Kicchou Fukuda. In the Filipino dub of the anime, he is voiced by Francis Ibanez who also voices Kiminobu Kogure but in a calm and deeper pitch.