Nobunaga Kiyota
Aliases Wild Monkey
Gender Male Male
Height 178 cm
Weight 65 kg
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Violet
Professional Status
Team Kainan
Year 1st year
Position Small Forward
Jersey Number #10
Personal Status
First Appearance
Anime Debut 032. "Genius Hanamichi!! Killer Dunk"
Japanese Voice Toshiyuki Morikawa
English Voice Vincent Gutierrez (GMA Dub)
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Nobunaga Kiyota (清田 信長, Kiyota Nobunaga) is a freshman at Kainan High and is the only freshmen in the team's starting lineup. Like Hanamichi Sakuragi of Shohoku, his antics often make him a source of embarrassment for his team, as seen before the start of the Kainan vs. Shohoku game, when he shows off his ball handling skills, and before the start of the Kainan vs. Ryonan game, when he makes a failed attempt at doing an alley-oop. In the Filipino Dub of the anime, he calls Sakuragi "pre" instead of "Red-Haired Monkey".



He is loud and boisterous, and likes to call himself a super rookie and constantly refers to how great he is, similar to Sakuragi. He regards Kaede Rukawa of Shohoku as something of a rival, and is shown to be jealous of him when the latter becomes the only rookie among the top five players of the Kanagawa tournament known as the "Team of the Tournament". He and Sakuragi are extremely similar in personality and always tend bicker and tease each other when they meet.



He has amazing ability and he can jump higher than most players despite his height, and can even perform dunks.

He also has great ball-handling skills. Although self-proclaiming as no#1 Rookie, the fact that his skill is not on par with Rukawa. However, he is very proud and confidence that he has a lot of stamina compared to Rukawa.


  • Sakuagi's nickname for him is "Wild Monkey". 
  • Kiyota's nickname for Sakuragi is "Red Monkey"
  • Both he and Sakuragi are also been punched in the head by their captains (Akagi and Maki) respectively from their troublemaking antics.
  • He and Sakuragi has the same personality and goal to beat rukawa and be the best rookie
  • In the Filipino Dub, He with Mitsui, Coach Anzai and Yohei Mito are shared by the same voice actor.

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