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The National High School Tournament, also know as the Inter High Championship, is the tournament in which compete several high school basketball teams from inumerous japanese prefectures.

To be able to compete on the national level, a team has to be placed as number one or two in said prefecture inter high tournament. For example, Shohoku and Kainan where respectively number two and one in the Kanagawa prefecture, while Aiwa and Meiho were the number two and one in the Aichi prefecture.

Known Matches

First Round

  • Shohoku vs Toyotama (91-87)
  • Aiwa Academy vs Yokotama Industries (103-58)
  • Daiei Gakuen vs Tomifusa (81-48)
  • Jousei vs Haragushi Commerce (79-34)
  • Hori vs Machida Sanchou (79-34)
  • Urayasu Shougyou vs Yuki Industries (93-58)
  • Kumamoto Sanban vs Hojo Shisho (? - ?)
  • Umezawa vs Hoshikawa Jitsugyo (? - ?)
  • Tobita Daini vs Nakamura Kitasho (? - ?)
  • Takamizawa vs Kajimura Daichi (? - ?)
  • Urayasu vs Yuki Tech (? - ?)
  • Kozeki vs Hama no Mori (? - ?)
  • Oki vs Toshinkan (? - ?)
  • Shugetsu vs Ugahara (? - ?)
  • Kanayama vs Katahash (? - ?)
  • Otamori vs Dogo (? - ?)
  • Mamita Nishi vs Seiho (? - ?)

Second Round

  • Shohoku vs Sannoh High (79 - 78)
  • Meihou Tech vs Josei (102 - 56)
  • Kainan High vs Umamiya (104 - 49)

Third Round

  • Shohoku vs Aiwa Academy (? - ?)


  • There seens to be some error in translation or in continuity in Kainan's first match during the tournament second round. According to the manga, they win against Umamiya from Iwate prefecture; but said team simply does not exist when we first see the National High School Tournament bracket. One possible explanation would be that the name of the team was wrongly translated to Mamita Nishi and then changed to Umamiya.
  • Since Hanamichi was the protagonist of the series and got hurt during the game against Sannoh, being unable to play for the rest of the tournament, the manga doesn't focus on continuing the championship, only including some facts like Shohoku losing to Aiwa Gakuen in the third round and Kainan getting the #2 place.
  • Since Kainan went to the finals, it is easy to realize that either they won against Aiwa Gakuen in the semifinals or Aiwa failed to meet them and lost in the quarterfinals.
  • It was supposedly revealed by the author in an article that Hiroshi Morishige's team, Meihou High School, won against Josei and Oyamakita during the tournament, losing to Daiei Gakuen by a small margin in the quarterfinals, thanks to the effort of their ace Atsushi Tsuchiya.
  • According to the same source, Daiei Gakuen defeated Kainan in the finals and won the tournament.

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