1. REDIRECT Template:Team Infobox"National Championship" is the 67th chapter of the Slam Dunk manga.


Back in the past, the new freshmen introduced themselves, with Akagi impressing everyone with his height and Mitsui impressing everyone with his skills. Mitsui shared his dream to an excited team and Coach Anzai walked in, to Mitsui and Akagi's delight. Coach Anzai split the freshmen into two teams, putting Akagi with the Takeishi kids and Mitsui with the others.

Mitsui declared himself a genius, much like Sakuragi in the present, and showed off his shooting skills. Akagi then gained possession of the ball, and the crowd told him to dunk, but Akagi lost the ball, leading Mitsui to realize that Akagi's only skill was his height. Akagi then showed his ineptitude once again when he accidentally dribbled the ball on his foot, but back in the present Akagi warns Kogure to stick to Mitsui's story. Mitsui's team continued to dominate in the match, with Mitsui scoring like a machine. Kogure states that he couldn't have imagined back then that Mitsui would turn into a thug like this.