1. REDIRECT Template:Team Infobox"Maximum Strength Capacity" is the 126th chapter of the Slam Dunk manga.


The audience gets incedibly quiet, as Maki drives past Mitsui and scores. The players from Ryonan say that at this point in the game, only Maki has enough strength left to continue. Akagi and Haruko will Shohoku's team to keep it up and not lose. Miyagi gains possession of the ball, but is blocked by Miyamasu. Coach Taoka states that both teams are under a lot of pressure right now, as Miyagi passes to Mitsui. Mitsui shoots and Shohoku prays for it to go in, but Taoka knows that it will come short and it does.

Akagi and Takasago rush up to get the rebound, but the ball slips by Akagi's fingers and bounces toward Coach Takato. To Takato's shock, Sakuragi leaps after the ball and yells at him to move. Sakuragi manages to fling the ball back in the court as he crashes into the bench. Akagi and Haruko worry about him, but Sakuragi emerges fine, as the ball goes over Maki's head and Rukawa catches it. Sakuragi yells at Rukawa to make the basket, and Rukawa dunks the ball despite being guarded by Kiyota. The Shohoku fans cheer, as Rukawa lays on the ground.

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