The followings are list of the major games played in the series (anime as well as manga).


Team 1 Team 2 Outcome Score Article
Shohoku Ryonan Ryonan Victory 87-86 Shohoku vs. Ryonan (First Game)
Shohoku Miuradai Shohoku Victory 114-51 Shohoku vs. Miuradai
Shohoku Sumino Shohoku Victory 160-24
Shohoku Takahata Shohoku Victory 103-59
Shohoku Tsukubu Shohoku Victory 111-79
Shohoku Shoyo Shohoku Victory 62-60
Shohoku Kainan Kainan Victory 90-88
Ryonan Takezato Ryonan Victory 117-64
Shohoku Takezato Shohoku Victory 120-81
Ryonan Kainan Kainan Victory 89-83
Shohoku Ryonan Shohoku Victory 70-66
Kainan Takezato Kainan Victory 98-51
Shohoku Toyotama Shohoku Victory 91-87
Shohoku Sannoh Shohoku Victory 78-77
Shohoku Aiwa Academy Aiwa Victory Unknown

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