Masahiro Nobe
Gender Male Male
Height 199 cm
Weight 90kg
Hair Color black
Eye Color black
Professional Status
Team Sannoh2
Position Power Forward
Jersey Number # 5
Personal Status
First Appearance
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Masahiro Nobe (野辺将広 Nobe Masahiro) is a 3rd year Power Forward for Sannoh Industry Affiliated High School, called as Totem Pole by Sakuragi.


He takes pride in his rebounding ability which was shown when he threatens Sakuragi to not try to get one.


Because Sannoh has many scorers to rely on, he is allowed to focus on rebounding which gives Sannoh many chances to score. He is also strong and easily took Kakuta out of his position which exhausted the latter, despite playing for only a few minutes.


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