Kazunari Fukatsu
Gender Male Male
Height 180 cm
Hair Color black
Eye Color black
Professional Status
Team Sannoh2
Position Point Guard
Jersey Number # 4
Personal Status
First Appearance
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Kazunari Fukatsu (深津一成 Fukatsu Kazunari) is one of the best High School players in the nation. He is the captain of reigning champions Sannoh  Industry Affiliated High School and is highly respected by teammates and spectators like the rest of his team.



He always ends his sentences with the word "Yo" which was formerly "Man". He is cold tempered, making him a great captain and leader since he can react to all kind of situations and seems to be never impressed. Like any other Sannoh players, he never underestimates his opponents.  



Fukatsu is an all-around Point Guard who has great passing skill, three point shooting and a great defender. Furthermore, he is tall for a Point Guard with 180 cm. As noted by Shinichi Maki of Kainan, he is also the type to strike when his opponents thought they have already gained the momentum.


  • He often surprises his interlocutors because of the weird way he speaks, ending his sentences with "Yo", or formerly "Man".

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