Kainan's Tidal Rage
Chapter 143
Chapter 143, Volume 16
Title Kainan's Tidal Rage
Kainan Weibu
海南 Wave
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Fukuda's Secret
The Road to the Nationals

"Kainan's Tidal Rage" is the 143rd chapter of the Slam Dunk manga.


The crowd is astounded at Kiyota's dunk, and Uozumi calmly fires up. Rukawa, Mitsui, and Miyagi all decide to go home, deciding that they had seen enough about Ryonan. The other Shohoku players are annoyed by this, but as the three leave the gym, they wonder how to take on Ryonan, and think to themselves that the game depends on themselves. Meanwhile, Sakuragi races on his bike, determined to practice and outplay Ryonan, especially Sendoh and Fukuda. Back in the game, Maki suddenly steals the ball from Sendoh, shocking the crowd. Ryonan chases Maki and Kainan as Koshino jumps to block Maki. However, Maki dunks right on top of him and also gets a penalty shot. Akagi sees that Kiyota's dunk turned the game around, as Maki makes his free throw. Shortly afterwards, Jin scores a three-pointer and steals the ball from Sendoh. Jin then passes to Takasago, who dunks, bringing Kainan back to a single-digit deficit. Taoka then starts to worry and calls a time-out. Sendoh tells Ryonan to calm down because he won't get beaten by Maki again and because of Uozumi under the basket. The game resumes, and everyone gets tense about Sendoh as the crowd starts cheering for Ryonan. Maki finds himself unable to get past Sendoh, as the timer ticks down. However, Maki passes to Jin, who scores another three-pointer. Sendoh acknowledges Kainan, and is glad that the match is challenging.

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