1. REDIRECT Template:Team Infobox"Just Work a Little Harder" is the 146th chapter of the Slam Dunk manga.


As Haruko is shocked about the news of Anzai, the Ryonan-Kainan game heads into its last 5 minutes, as Maki scores and puts Kainan back in the lead. Taoka and Hikoichi see that Sendoh is getting exhausted from Maki, and Taoka wonders if he should have Sendoh and Koshino double-team him. However, Fukuda tells Taoka not to, as that would hurt Sendoh's pride. Taoka agrees with Fukuda and prepares to send him out to help Sendoh on offense. This gives Ryonan more confidence, as Maki smiles and prepares for a challenge.

Meanwhile, a woman makes her way to Akagi to tell him he has a call. Shohoku wonders what is going on, as Akagi listens to Haruko's message. As Ryonan prepares to attack, Akagi, Kogure, Ayako, and the woman go to Kitamura Hospital, where Anzai is. Meanwhile, Mitsui's shoelaces break, a black cat approaches Rukawa, and a crow flies toward Miyagi. Kogure and Ayako wonder what is going to happen to Anzai and what tomorrow's match will be like, but Akagi quiets them. Meanwhile, Kainan takes a 4-point lead, but Fukuda soon brings it down to 2, as the game reaches its last 20 seconds. Taoka yells to his team to stop Maki, but Sendoh finds himself unable to steal the ball. However, Ikegami manages to steal it and pass to sendoh, shocking everyone. The crowd goes wild as Sendoh races to the basket with 5 seconds left on the clock.      

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