1. REDIRECT Template:Team Infobox"I Play to Win" is the 124th chapter of the Slam Dunk manga.


The game heads into its last five minutes, and Sakuragi's gang keeps cheering, but they are interrupted by Hotta, who tells them that they are not loud enough. Hotta then yells "Shohoku" very loudly. On the court, Mitsui gets past Jin and shoots, but the ball bounces away. Sakuragi, Akagi, Maki, Jin, and Takasago all compete for the rebound, and Sakuragi eventually emerges victorious. Miyagi yells out to Hanamichi, and Hanamichi passes to him, and he scores. With Shohoku only four points behind, Takato sends out Miyamasu again, increasing Kainan's scoring potential. Miyagi then covers Miyamasu, and the two are deadlocked. Haruko and everyone on the bench tell the team to stop Maki, as he dribbles toward the basket. Akagi, Rukawa, and Mitsui block Maki from shooting, but Maki passes to Kiyota instead. Kiyota prepares to dunk, but Akagi slaps the ball away from him.

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