1. REDIRECT Template:Team Infobox"Heaven and Hell 2" is the 131st chapter of the Slam Dunk manga.


Mitsui's shot heads toward the basket, but unfortunately hits the rim and rebounds. Everyone is shocked, and Coach Takato quickly tells his team to steal the ball, as the game heads into its last ten seconds. Maki is about to grab the rebound, but Sakuragi suddenly swats it away from him. Sakuragi manages to catch the ball and the team cheers, but then Sakuragi gets confused and, when attempting to pass to Akagi, he instead passes to Takasago. Shohoku is shocked at Sakuragi's mistake, and the game ends, with Kainan winning 90-88. While the Kainan players jump with joy, Shohoku just stands in shock. Kiyota acknowledges that the game was close and reveals that Mitsui's shot scraped his fingernail. Akagi reassures Sakuragi, saying that this isn't the end yet and telling him not to cry as the two teams line up.

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