1. REDIRECT Template:Team Infobox"Goal--Shoot" is the 136th chapter of the Slam Dunk manga.


As the game continues, Rukawa and Sakuragi both tell Kuwata to pass them the ball, and the two get into an argument on who should get the ball. One of the feshmen tell Kuwata to pass to Rukawa, and Kuwata passes to him. Rukawa shoots a 3-pointer, and an angry Sakuragi beats up the freshman who told Kuwata to pass to Rukawa. Sakuragi then is passed the ball, and he tries to shoot past Mitsui, but his shot goes over the backboard and lands in Haruko's arms. Sakuragi's gang makes fun of him, and Sakuragi is mortified by them and Haruko, who encourages Sakuragi. Mitsui and Rukawa tell him that he should shoot under the basket where he's best at, which makes Sakuragi angry. As the game continues, Mitsui swats the ball away from Sakuragi and taunts him. Sakuragi tries to force his way past Mitsui, but is again fouled for charging. Mitsui tries to help Sakuragi, but Sakuragi blocks him out as Rukawa scores again. Mitsui keeps giving Sakuragi tips, but Sakuragi just keeps getting angrier as he grabs a rebound and throws it to the basket. However, the ball bounces away, and Akagi and Anzai realize what Sakuragi's problem is. Meanwhile, Rukawa manages to get the ball and the freshmen fast break down the court. Rukawa and Sakuragi shock Mitsui with their speed, and Rukawa passes to Sakuragi, intending that Sakuragi would pass it back to him. However, Sakuragi keeps the ball, and the two of them, both thinking that they're the ones who will score, both grab the rim, with the ball bouncing away.

After the game, Akagi tells Sakuragi that he'll teach him to shoot inside the key, while Sakuragi and Rukawa argue about who should've scored. It is revealed that the juniors and seniors won the pracitce match 26-18. 

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