1. REDIRECT Template:Team Infobox"Fukuda's Secret" is the 142nd chapter of the Slam Dunk manga.


The first half of the Ryonan-Kainan game ends, with Ryonan ahead 39-29. As the second half begins, the situation seems to remain unchanged as Sendoh passes past Maki to Fukuda. Though Takasago blocks Fukuda's first shot, Fukuda regains the ball, confuses Takasago with several fake-outs, and scores. The crowd is shocked at Fukuda's strength, and Hikoichi is surprised that despite this game being Fukuda's first, he already has 20 points. Takato starts to get frustrated and Taoka smirks, remembering last spring when Sendoh came to Ryonan. Sendoh showed incredible skill and had the potential to defeat Uozumi, while Fukuda, another new student, also desired to beat Uozumi. However, Fukuda was not nearly as skilled as Sendoh, but he still had a competitive urge. Back in the present, Sendoh and Fukuda break down the court as part of Ryonan's speed attack, and as Maki and Muto stand to guard them, Taoka sees that Fukuda is still competing against Sendoh despite the former's lack of skill. Sendoh then passes to Fukuda and Fukuda's shot makes it past Muto and into the basket.

The crowd wonders how this is only Fukuda's first game, and Taoka reflects on the reason. A year ago he knew that Sendoh and Fukuda would be the bases of Ryonan's team, and while he praised Sendoh because of Sendoh's pride, he was strict on Fukuda because he thought Fukuda was rather thick-headed. However, after a year of endless critcism, Fukuda unleashed his anger and attacked Taoka, who then realized how sensitive Fukuda really was. Afterwards, Fukuda did not participate in the team for a period of time, and now Taoka is glad to have him back. Fukuda listens to the crowd's cheers, wanting more, as Ryonan gets a 15-point lead. Takato realizes he miscalculated about Fukuda, and everyone realizes how powerful Ryonan is with him on the team. However, when one person in the crowd says that Ryonan could beat Kainan, but Sakuragi yells at him because that would mean Shohoku is weaker than Ryonan. Sakuragi then heads home, yelling to Kiyota and Maki to beat Ryonan to make Shohoku look strong. Kiyota gets annoyed at Sakuragi, but acknowledges Ryonan's power. However, he still thinks he can beat them and become the #1 rookie, as he drives past Fukuda. Kiyota jumps to score, and Uozumi tries to block him, but Kiyota manages to dunk anyways, ready to show Ryonan Kainan's true colors.        

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