1. REDIRECT Template:Team Infobox"Don't Stain the Genius' Name" is the 128th chapter of the Slam Dunk manga.


The game heads into its last minute, and the crowd yells to Shohoku to score 2 baskets quickly. However, Maki swats the ball away from Akagi, but Akagi regains it and passes to Mitsui. However, a worn-out Mitsui does not react in time to the pass, and Kogure runs up to it and keeps it in bounds, but it ricochets off Kiyota and bounces out. Shohoku gains possession of the ball, as Mitsui gets more and more tired out. Maki tells Kainan to huddle up, and warns them not to underestimate Shohoku. Takasago states that Sakuragi's skill is on par with Akagi's, as Sakuragi chops Mitsui on the head and tells him to show his true skills. Mitsui slaps Sakuragi back and tells Sakuragi that he won't give up. Akagi tells Sakuragi that the only way to win will be getting all the rebounds. Conversely, Maki swears to not let them get any rebounds and warns everyone to not underestimate Akagi, as the two teams get back onto the court.

Sakuragi promises not to stain his name by failing to get the rebounds, as Kogure attempts to get around Kiyota. Kogure passes to Miyagi, but Miyagi cannot get the ball past Miyamasu. The game heads into its last 30 seconds. Mitsui begs Miyagi to give him the ball, and Mitsui throws the ball at the basket, hoping that Sakuragi or Akagi can get the rebound.       

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