1. REDIRECT Template:Team Infobox"Disgrace" is the 123rd chapter of the Slam Dunk manga.


Sakuragi jumps toward the basket, but Maki gives it his all to block him. Maki's leg rams into Sakuragi, who comes crashing to the ground. Maki is fouled, and receives a lot of flak from Shohoku. However, Sakuragi springs up with all his energy, ready for vengeance against Maki. Sakuragi then gets ready to do his free throws, but Takato knows that Sakuragi was the best person to foul as he could not do free throws. Meanwhile, Sakuragi's gang talks about how it was disgraceful that Sakuragi got knocked down by the smaller Maki. Sendoh just says to "wait and see".

Sakuragi does an unusual posture at the free throw line, confusing everyone. Kiyota taunts Sakuragi, but Takato realizes that Sakuragi is doing the same move as NBA player Rick Barry. Sakuragi takes the shot and the shot makes it in, to everyone's surprise. Anzai states that maybe Sakuragi acknowledged he was weak and thought of this move himself. Sakuragi makes the next shot, bringing Shohoku closer to winning. Sakuragi swears to Maki that he will return that disgrace 10 times over.

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