1. REDIRECT Template:Team Infobox"Defeat Maki" is the 127th chapter of the Slam Dunk manga.


A worn-out Rukawa is taken to the bench and is subbed by Kogure. Anzai tells Rukawa that he did his best and to leave the rest of the game to his teammates, but Rukawa gets angry at having to leave. Maki gains possession of the ball, and Kogure appears to be guarding him, but it is actually Akagi who is guarding. Maki smirks and prepares to shoot, to the chagrin of Coach Takato. However, because of his ankle, Akagi's block fails and Maki's shot heads toward the basket. However, the shot doesn't make it in, and Akagi grabs the rebound. The crowd cheers for him, but Haruko starts to sob. Uozumi yells to Akagi to defeat Maki, to Shohoku's surprise. Maki orders Takasago to cover Sakuragi, who knows now that Akagi has greater defensive power than Maki. 

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