Chapter 9th
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After one week, Sakuragi is still dribbling in the corner while Rukawa is attracting more and more girls each day. Hanamichi's gang predicts that Hanamichi will quit soon, and they are drawn to the gym, where Rukawa is showing off his skills. Sakuragi gets angrier and angrier, having dreamed that he would best everyone with his slam dunk and that Haruko would finally go out with him. Sakuragi asks Ayako if he can practice with the others, but Ayako tells him that he has to be able to move the ball around his body like she can. However, Sakuragi does this with ease. Everyone on the basketball team is impressed, and Sakuragi asks Akagi if he can join them now, but Akagi tells him to practice the fundamentals of passing.

An angry Sakuragi tries to get around Akagi, but Akagi holds him down. Sakuragi finally snaps, and his gang rushes to stop him, but they are quickly headbutted. Sakuragi and Akagi start arguing, and Sakuragi tries to show him the slam dunk. However, Akagi brings him down and tells him that he can't play basketball if he doesn't have the fundamentals down. Sakuragi then headbutts Akagi and announces that he is quitting basketball, to Haruko's dismay.



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