Hanamichi Joins the Team
Chapter 8th
Title Hanamichi Joins the Team
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Haruko tells Sakuragi's gang that Sakuragi made the team, much to their surprise. At the gym, Akagi tells all the first-years to stand in a line, but has some trouble with Sakuragi. Sakuragi sees Rukawa and he begins to get mad when the other team members whisper about him. Akagi goes over what the freshmen's duties are, and has them introduce themselves. Sakuragi sees Haruko and thinks she is cheering for him, but Rukawa is the only one in Haruko's sight. The whole team introduces themselves, and then Ayako, the team manager, bursts into the door. She fawns over Rukawa and then she sees Sakuragi and instantly laughs because of the incident where he pulled down Akagi's pants.

The team begins practicing, with Sakuragi really getting into it, but Akagi pulls him aside and tells Ayako to teach him the fundamentals. Sakuragi is then forced to dribble the ball on one knee while watching the rest of the team play. Later, when he goes to bed, Sakuragi is unable to get the sound of a dribbling ball out of his head. 



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