I'm Basketball Man
Chapter 7th
Title I'm Basketball Man
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Yasuda, Shiozaki, and Kakuta, members of the basketball team, are walking toward the locker room and talking about the recent match. When they come up to the locker room, they notice that the lock is broken and see Sakuragi standing in the locker room wearing the captain's jersey. They beg him to take the jersey off, as Akagi walks into the room. Sakuragi says he has come to join the team, but Akagi refuses to let him. The two start fighting, until Sakuragi grabs Yasuda and the rest of the team heads out. Sakuragi asks Yasuda what Akagi likes (while beating him up), and Yasuda says Akagi really likes cleanliness. Sakuragi then tries to guess what Akagi's favorite food is.

The next day, Sakuragi comes into Akagi's classroom in disguise, and drops off a big box on Akagi's desk. Akagi is surprised when he finds that the box is full of bananas, and that there are pictures of Rie Mizawa under his desk. Meanwhile, Sakuragi has his gang help him clean the locker room. When Akagi comes in, he is delighted, and Sakuragi is proud, but Akagi gives the second-years credit instead of him and tells him to leave the locker room. Akagi and the team then go to the gym, and Sakuragi follows them. Akagi notices that the balls and the floor are filthy and reprimands the team for not cleaning. Sakuragi then realizes what he needs to do to get Akagi to accept him.

Later, Akagi and the team leave school, and Sakuragi breaks into the locker room so he can clean the basketballs. Realizing that it'll take forever, Sakuragi tries to enlist his friends, but they refuse. Sakuragi prepares to give up, but then he remembers Haruko and keeps persisting in cleaning. The next day, Akagi arrives at school and delightedly sees that the balls have all been polished. Akagi then goes to the gym, and with a shock realizes that Sakuragi has cleaned the gym floor as well. He leaves Sakuragi to sleep until practice, and when Sakuragi wakes up, he does his best to keep the gym classes out of the gym.



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