Chapter 6th
Title Jam!
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Sakuragi gets possession of the ball, and his gang and Haruko cheer. Kogure, a member of the basketball team, realizes that Sakuragi really is a formidable opponent, and more people begin to make bets on Sakuragi. Sakuragi, fueled on by Haruko's cheering, runs for the basket without dribbling the ball. Despite the crowd's protests, Akagi says that Sakuragi can do whatever he wants, because Sakuragi is not going to get past him. Akagi easily blocks Sakuragi, and Kogure reveals that Akagi's defense is even better than his offense.

All of Sakuragi's attempts to get around Akagi are swatted away, but then Sakuragi stands there and thinks of a plan. Suddenly, Sakuragi chucks the ball at the backboard, which confuses the audience, but Rukawa and Kogure realize that Sakuragi is attempting to run to the basket and dunk the rebound. However, Akagi also realizes this, and intercepts the ball. Not to be beaten, Sakuragi wrests the ball out of Akagi's hands and slams it into the basket as Akagi falls to the floor.

The audience is shocked at the outcome of the match, and Sakuragi runs to Haruko. Haruko apologizes to sakuragi for what she said, and Sakuragi starts to make fun of Akagi, not realizing Akagi is her brother. Akagi then comes up to Sakuragi, and Sakuragi softens up to him, but Akagi then proceeds to beat him up, while Rukawa walks away realizing how skilled Sakuragi truly is.  



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