A Bad Feeling
Chapter 53rd
Title A Bad Feeling
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The basketball team is shocked when they see Miyagi enter the gym, with Sakuragi behind him. Sakuragi is annoyed that Miyagi is on the basketball team, and Miyagi challenges yasuda to a match. Meanwhile, Mitsui's thugs tend to Mitsui's injuries, and tell Mitsui that Sakuragi is also on the basketball team. Mitsui then declares that the entire team is dead meat.

Meanwhile, Miyagi shocks the crowd and team with his great speed, using it to easily beat Yasuda. Sakuragi then pushes Yasuda away and challenges Miyagi, whom Akagi is thinking about in the locker room. Miyagi taunts Sakuragi and easily steals the ball from him, but Sakuragi steals it back, leading to a shoving match, much to Haruko and Ayako's dismay.



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