Chapter 52nd
Title Scandal
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Miyagi brings down Sakuragi with one punch, shocking Mitsui's gang. Ayako tells Miyagi to stop, but Miyagi kicks Sakuragi into the bushes. Meanwhile, Shiozaki tells his teammates what happened to Miyagi. Last year, he was called onto the roof by Mitsui's gang, but knowing that he was beaten, Miyagi went hard after Mitsui and ignored the rest of the gang. At the fight's end, both of them ended up in the hospital.

Back in the present, Mitsui confronts Miyagi again, but Sakuragi leaps out of the bushes and slams Miyagi into Mitsui. Haruko then comes and asks what is going on, as Miyagi accidentaly elbows Mitsui and Sakuragi throws one of the gang members at Miyagi. Ayako and Haruko then shout at them to stop it, and both of them quickly concede, but misunderstand who the other is talking to and start fighting again.



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