For Love I Will Prevail
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Chapter 5th
Title For Love I Will Prevail
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Akagi easily dominates in the match against Sakuragi, fueled on by his anger at Sakuragi tarnishing the sport. Akagi begins to taunt Sakuragi, and easily gets past him again, but Sakuragi runs up to him, revealing his great speed. Suddenly, Sakuragi trips, and he grabs onto Akagi's pants, only to have them fall down, much to the crowd's shock. When he realizes what has happened, Akagi quickly pulls up his pants in embarrasment and gets even angrier at Sakuragi.

In the stands, Haruko remembers back when she told her brother about Sakuragi, and Akagi gladly anticipated him, for his goal is to win the National Championship. He also told her that Rukawa is joining their team, much to her shock. However, as Haruko currently looks at her brother yelling at Sakuragi, she thinks it's over.

Meanwhile, Akagi scores his ninth basket, and Sakuragi is getting nowhere near winning. However, Sakuragi sees Haruko in the stands, wanting him to stop playing. Thinking that Haruko is cheering him on, Sakuragi regains his spirit and repeatedly jumps in front of Akagi, forming an iron-wall defense. Suddenly, Sakurai hits the ball out of Akagi's hand and manages to grab hold of the ball, gaining possession for the first time.



  • In an omake-panel at the end of the chapter, Sakuragi is standing there smiling.

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