Nothing to Lose
Chapter 48th
Title Nothing to Lose
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After Sendoh scores, Sakuragi quickly tells Akagi to pass to him, but the time runs out and the game ends, with Ryonan winning 87-86. The Ryonan players cheer, while Sakuragi slowly realizes that the game is over and that they lost. Sakuragi eventually is overcome by emotion and runs, but trips, revealing that his shoes are broken. Akagi tells Sakuragi that he did good and that it's time to line up.

As Shohoku prepares to leave, Coach Taoka and Uozumi congratulate Akagi on getting so far in just a year, and Sendoh shakes hands with Rukawa and Sakuragi, telling Sakuragi that he needs to practice hard if he wants to beat him. On their way to the train station, Sakuragi tells Coach Anzai that they lost because he put him in too late, but Anzai just says that they are only getting started.



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