Chapter 45th
Title Unbelievable
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Sakuragi and Rukawa guard Sendoh, as the clock reads that only one minute is left in the game. With Shohoku four points behind, Haruko, Ayako, and the people on the bench beg Sakuragi and Rukawa to stop Sendoh. However, Sendoh gets past both of them, and prepares to shoot. Rukawa and Akagi jump in front of him, but are unable to reach the ball. However, Sakuragi manages to hit the ball away from behind Sendoh, shocking the audience. Sakuragi dribbles toward the basket, but Sendoh catches up and blocks Sakuragi. Rukawa tells Sakuragi to pass the ball to him and Sakuragi, not knowing who it was, passes to him, but then gets mad when he realizes who he passed it to. Rukawa takes a shot, and he scores, bringing Shohoku up to only a one-point deficit.



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