The Gorilla
Chapter 4
Chapter 4th
Title The Gorilla
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After Haruko's outburst at Sakuragi, Mito tells her what really happened, and she is full of regret for what she said. Meanwhile, Sakuragi wanders around outside, moping, when a basketball hits him in the face. Sakuragi then starts attacking the players who accidentaly hit him. His gang trys to intervene, but they are useless against Sakuragi's fury. However, Sakuragi is pulled off the two players by Takenori Akagi, the captain of the basketball team. Sakuragi retaliates by hitting the captain in the face with the basketball, and insults the sport. The captain then gets extremely angry and challenges Sakuragi to a game of basketball.

In the gym, Akagi explains the rules to Sakuragi: if the latter can score one basket before the former scores 10, Sakuragi wins. Otherwise, he wins. Sakuragi is afraid at first but then regains his mojo, as Haruko comes to the match in shock. The reason she is shocked is because Akagi is her older brother. As the match begins, Sakuragi instantly shows his ineptitude at basketball when he attempts to kick the ball, with the audience laughing at him.



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