Chapter 3
Chapter 3rd
Title Blood
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Sakuragi and Mito go up to the roof to deal with Hotta, but when they get there, they find that Rukawa has already knocked them out. Rukawa introduces himdelf to Sakuragi's gang, and Sakuragi immediately starts confronting him.

However, Haruko notices Sakuragi and Rukawa standing on the roof, and due to Sakuragi trying to intimidate Rukawa and Rukawa's bleeding forehead, she thinks Sakuragi was attacking Rukawa and calls him "horrible", breaking Sakuragi's heart. Haruko runs to Rukawa, asking to help him with his cut, but Rukawa blows her off. Because of Rukawa's rudeness, Sakuragi starts attacking him for real, and the two get into a fistfight. Rukawa leaves the roof, with Haruko telling Sakuragi she hates him. Sakuragi's heart is completely crushed after that, while Rukawa heads into the school. 



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