Have to be Cautious
Chapter 22nd
Title Have to be Cautious
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Sakuragi walks down the hall in a gleeful mood, even stopping to make fun of Takamiya. Mito tells the gang what happened as Sakuragi continues on, and the gang agrees that despite the recent event, Sakuragi still hasn't gotten anywhere with Haruko. Sakuragi sleeps happily in class, and so do Haruko and Rukawa, which greatly annoys their respective teachers. Sakuragi then starts to dream about the morning practice, but when he goes to do a layup, he finds a cat in his hand, which freaks him out and causes him to crash into the pole. Haruko goes to check on him, but with a shock Sakuragi sees that she has Akagi's face. Sakuragi wakes up screaming, shocking the class.

After school, at practice, Hanamichi tells Akagi about his success, and while Akagi is not impressed and tells him to keep practicing, at the same time Kogure congratulates Sakuragi for getting this far.



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