That Kind of Feeling
Chapter 21st
Title That Kind of Feeling
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Haruko recovers after doing an early morning jog when she notices Sakuragi on the court attempting to do layups. Sakuragi, who is still unsuccessful, loses the ball, and Haruko comes and gives it back to him. Sakuragi gets flustered when she appears, and Haruko says that she can teach him how to do a layup. She runs to the basket but trips, and a flustered Sakuragi recommends she stop, but she gets mad at him and tells him that she really can do a layup. Haruko tells Sakuragi about how back in junior high, the only thing she was good at in basketball was the layup, so she kept practicing and mastered it. Haruko then completes a layup, amazing Sakuragi. The two of them celebrate, and Sakuragi attempts to try again.

Meanwhile, Rukawa bikes to the court and is surprised to see Sakuragi there. Sakuragi misses again, and Rukawa, watching from behind the bushes, knows that his ball handling is the problem. While Haruko keeps encouraging him, Sakuragi tries to remember how Rukawa did his layups. Sakuragi then decides that he should try jumping higher, and he does so. Though he still misses, Haruko sees that his form is a lot better and then realizes that the real reason is that Sakuragi is using his hand too much. Haruko tells Sakuragi that when she was practicing layups with her brother, she learned that doing a layup was basically just placing the ball in the basket. Keeping this in mind, Sakuragi tries again, under Haruko's encouragement. Haruko feels somewhat jealous of Sakuragi's jumping ability, as Sakuragi's layup finally makes it in. The two celebrate, while Rukawa waits for them to leave.



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