The Challenging Commoner's Shot
Chapter 20th
Title The Challenging Commoner's Shot
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Sakuragi tries to do a layup after his attempted dunking fiasco, but the ball sails over the backboard. Sakuragi's gang starts to laugh at him, and Sakuragi's mood only gets worse after Rukawa nails another layup, causing Haruko and the groupies to cheer. Sakuragi then messes up again, and Akagi taunts him, asking if he couldn't do it because it was too common for him. The groupies start to make fun of Sakuragi again, but Haruko stands up for him, pointing out that Rukawa probably wasn't very good when he first started either. The angry groupies push her away, and Haruko starts to criticize them, but rejoins then when Rukawa comes back on the court, to Sakuragi's sadness. Rukawa prepares to do another layup, but Sakuragi throws a ball at him, claiming his hand slipped. He then attempts to try another layup, but the ball ricochets off the backboard and hits his face, leading the groupies to jeer at him again.

Ayako asks Coach Anzai to help Sakuragi, but Anzai leaves it in Akagi's hands. Rukawa prepares to shoot again, but once again Sakuragi throws a bll at him, angering the groupies. Sakuragi races to the basket to try another layup, but Rukawa hits him with the ball to get even. Akagi and Kogure urge Sakuragi to let Rukawa demonstrate for him, and Sakuragi reluctantly asks Rukawa to demonstrate. However, Sakuragi grabs the ball cage and unleashes all the balls on Rukawa. Rukawa retaliates by throwing the cage at Sakuragi, and a fight quickly escalates. Akagi yells at them to stop, but the cage is sent flying and lands on him. Practice is ended for Sakuragi that day, proving that it is a long hard road to becoming a genius.



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