Kaede Rukawa
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Title Kaede Rukawa
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Ookusu, Takamiya, and Noma are walking down the hall when they notice a very tall person walking the other way. The person's demeanor, and the way he attracts girls, anger them. Meanwhile, Sakuragi and Mito talk with Haruko, who gives Sakuragi a basketball registration form. However, Haruko's firend warns her that Sakuragi and Yohei were leaders of a gang, but Haruko says that she thinks Sakuragi is a good person. Meanwhile, Mito tells Sakuragi that he's falling too hard for Haruko, and that he bets she already has a boyfriend, pointing out that she frequently talks about a boy named Rukawa. Mito then says that the only way to confirm this is to ask Haruko herself.

Haruko tells Sakuragi that Rukawa doesn't even know she exists, but that she has a crush on him due to his basketball prowess in junior high. Sakuragi's spirit is crushed, but when Mito and his gang congratulate his first high school rejection, he merely mopes instead of attacking them, making them realize Haruko was the real deal for him.

Later, Hotta and his thugs walk into Sakuragi's classroom and tell him to actually come to the roof this time. Sakuragi verbally lashes out at the gang, but Mito intervenes and Hotta leaves, impressed. However, when he and his gang walk onto the roof, they notice someone sleeping. They kick him, and the boy wakes up extremely angry. He introduces himself as Kaede Rukawa, and says that he doesn't forgive anyone who disturbs his sleep.



  • In an omake-panel at the end of the chapter, Sakuragi is standing with his fist clenched.

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