Good Gorilla Humor
Chapter 19th
Title Good Gorilla Humor
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Sakuragi walks to the gym sore from Aota's moves and his failed effort to get the photos of Haruko. Sakuragi then sees the real Haruko at the gym and runs up to her, but Akagi socks him for being late. Akagi has the team do sprints and Sakuragi notices that he's unusually pumped up and wonders why, and Kogure and Ayako share a smile. Coach Anzai then enters the gym, and Akagi has the team loudly greet him, to Sakuragi's confusion. Akagi then has the team practice layups, and Sakuragi resigns himself to practicing in the corner. However, Sakuragi asks the coach if Sakuragi could practice shooting also, to Sakuragi's shock. Sakuragi inspects Akagi to make sure he's all right, and Akagi punches him, reassuring him. Anzai approves Akagi's request, andSakuragi strikes a pose in front of Haruko, thinking he'll be able to finally impress her with a slam dunk. The Rukawa groupies hanging around the gym start to make fun of Sakuragi and Haruko tells them to stop, but when Akagi has Rukawa show Sakuragi the layup, Haruko is pushed away by the groupies.Rukawa performs a layup, and Haruko and the groupies cheer, all enmity forgotten. Sakuragi prepares to dunk, but Akagi tells him he needs to try the layup because in a real game he will be blocked and so he needs to have the fundamentals of shooting. Sakuragi reluctantly agrees and starts dribbling toward the basket, but he decides that he needs to impress Haruko with a dunk. However, an angry Akagi punches him down and starts yelling at him, to Haruko's shock and the team's exasperation.



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